Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What technologies can help sustainability in a city?

What technologies can we use to make our cities greener and more sustainable?

What does it mean to be a green cities?

Cities like Chicago and Boston are well on there way to becoming green cities. A green city is a city that is becoming sustainable within itself. There are tons for greenery and trees that help to create cleaner air, helps with flooding, and overall creates a healthier environment. These cities are using plain and simple ways to making a greener place but there are technologies that help increase the sustainability of a city.

What technologies can help sustainability in a city?

There are many technologies out there that can help create sustainablity.  Apartment building and housing can be built to have gardens in each apartment with lots of windows and the buildings will be run on solar power.  On the top of these buildings is a water filter that catches rain and reuses water that the apartment uses.  It is like a never ending water cycle within the building.  Also a city with clean and free public transportation is favorable to be sustainable.  A busing system that runs on alternative fuel is curtail.  This allows people to drive less and use less gas.  This also helps to decrease a cities ecological footprint which calculates the amount of resources you use with the amount present.

How do we begin?

We start small and begin with planting trees and plants all over cities in favorable spots to prevent flooding.  Trees are like sponges and help absorb rain.  Raising money and fundraising to help public transportation better and public housing better is also where we need to begin.  We need to start small and end BIG.


My goal is to find out as much as possible about what we can do to make a difference.  With technological advances there has to be ways to create sustainable communities and create a much cleaner planet.  I will find out as much information about my topic as possible not just for this project but for the well being of this earth.

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